Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad Review: That’s a long name!

Samsung’s Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad, AKA wireless charger, AKA plastic puck thing that charges your phone quickly is $50.

Would I pay $50 for it? N…no?


It’s often on sale though! In fact, I got it for free with my phone as a bonus from Best Buy.

I kinda dig it, even though it’s not the most necessary accessory and people seem a little apathetic to wireless chargers these days for whatever reason.

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It’s made mostly from plastic but it has a nice rubbery strip on top to help secure your phone.


The $50 wireless charging puck with a long name works with the last few years of Galaxy phones. It also works with any device that uses the Qi charging standard.

You plug it into the wall via an included wall adapter and micro USB cable. The adapter and the cable are white…which is a little weird. I wish they were black to match the charging pad itself.

You plop you device on the puck, and it starts charging. A little LED on the front turns on to tell you the charging status, and whether the “Fast” mode is engaged. Then it turns green when your device is full.

That’s about it, really.

So what’s good here? It’s really easy to use. You put down your device and that makes it go. And it charges my S8+ pretty quickly…but not quite as quickly as the included charge cord that came with the phone.

That might be why people are less interested in wireless charging these days. If you need the absolute fastest charge…that’s not gonna come from a wireless pad. At least, not yet. Also, devices with metal backs don’t usually support fast charging, which might be part of why Samsung has stuck with glass on the back of their flagships.

I don’t really like the LED at all. I guess it’s useful.

A little.

But on my S8+ there’s an animation when charging begins, and I don’t really need to see a light to tell me the status. Plus, the light is bright and it’s impossible to disable it without ripping the puck open or otherwise modifying it. So at night, it’s a little obnoxious if you want the room to stay dark.

Still, I like the slight convenience of not plugging in the cord and it’s fast enough that I don’t miss my other charger.

I wouldn’t have paid more than $30 for it.

Oh, and here’s Samsung’s page about it. The weird stand they make would have been a touch more useful, because then I could play games on my phone with a controller…but it’s even more expensive!

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