Reply Fridays #9

Back on Friday where it belongs

I didn’t have as crazy a week this week! I also played a lot of Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

It’s time to reply to replies.

This week I’ve had 43 Medium notifications. This week I still wish replies lived in a separate feed from claps and follows.

The Sony MDR1000X cracking issue is the legend that will never die. Sony refreshed that model several months ago, and yet they still sold a crapload of the original pair with the suspect possibly cracking plastic. In fact, a lot of retailers sell the originals at a discounted price.

Dmitry checks in with some stats collated from Amazon, showing that the problem with the original model may be in the 1-in-5 region. That’s kind of wild, isn’t it? Consumer products like this usually go through durability testing in various lab scenarios, and normally you’d never see a problem like this go out the door unless they got its chances of happening below the 1 percent marker.

Did Sony not do the right tests? Did a supplier cheap out on the plastic material at the last minute? Did Sony make such a huge profit on this that they didn’t care about potential replacements? We’ll probably never know the whole truth. But it’s all a bad look.

AccousticLove asks a cleverly-worded question about the sound performance of the Cloud Alpha vs. the Logitech G Pro. I gave them my opinion and sent them to the new HardwareCanucks showdown of these two headsets over on YouTube. The short version: I personally slightly prefer the more energetic sound of the G Pro, but they’re both wonderful.

Chase asks me a question I already answered in the headphone review he commented on, but I went ahead and answered it again anyway in much more detail.

It’s funny, the Takstar Pro 82 has a very ardent fan base and a complex discussion around what might be a very minor revision that seems to be randomly available from certain retailers. I’m not sure if it’s a territory thing, or what. Both of those things are impressive for a ~$90 OEM headphone.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Mark T writes in to share a lame experience they had with Logitech. I’ve had wildly divergent experiences myself with their products of late, some good, some…really not good. They used to be more consistent in the past, for sure.

Andres is having an issue with a muddy mic sound on his HS50 headset. I chimed in with what might be causing it, but I’m not much of a support department!

Sgt. Hippie Cat wrote me a nice compliment and has a very good user name. Thanks Sgt. Hippie Cat. I salute you. Is that appropriate since your a Sgt? Haha.

James Burns replied to one of my replies on one of his articles. I only bring it up because he writes excellent game content you should be reading, and I wanted a chance to shamelessly plug his articles.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Aboody 757 writes in asking about the surround on the Sound Blaster Z vs the Cloud II. The Sound Blaster is much better, as it has true surround processing, whereas the Cloud II dongle only works with stereo source data.

I think that’s the most replies I’ve ever had since I started on Medium, and it was only over 5 days!

See you next Friday!

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