Reply Fridays #3

Wherein I continue to pretend that Medium doesn’t call them “Responses.”

It’s Friday, so it’s time for me to dive into the total mess that is Medium’s notification system and see what’s in there.

Why do claps, follows, and responses all live in the SAME cluttered feed? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Leandro asked if I could test the HyperX Cloud Revovler S dongle in the same way I recently tested out the dongle that comes with the Cloud II.

It turns out I already did exactly that in my old review of that great headset! Which you can read here, assuming I didn’t forget to put the link into the article.

To Be In Web left a nice comment on my DT770 review. Yay, a nice comment! Thank you for the nice comment. I like those because they’re nice. I clapped for it 50 times, because I’m shameless in my appreciation for others when they appreciate me.

James Ardis left a nice comment on last week’s Reply Fridays. James is probably one of my most dedicated readers, and I appreciate that. I clapped for his comment 50 times and you can find his Medium Profile right here!

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Daryn Plasticmask asked me how to play headphones at dangerous, ear-splitting, spec-busting levels, due to his specific medical condition, and I explained why I didn’t think that was the most amazing idea.

And then he got cross at me.

And then I apologized, but explained that I still didn’t think it was the best idea.

After searching around online, it looks like he’s asked this same question of several people over the last few months and has never quite found the answer he was looking for, but that he might have from another audio forum online after dismissing my advice. It also seems like he may have ruptured his ear drums at one point listening to audio too loudly.


Please be careful! Sound waves are essentially just air pressure, and if you crank them up high enough they can damage the physical structures of your ears quite easily.

I invited Daryn to come back and share what equipment he found that works for his specific scenario…and I also invite all of my readers that don’t share his specific condition to please NOT do any of what he’s doing. And I also still don’t think he should be doing it. But hey, that’s just my opinion! Live your own life I guess!

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Sam Fitton shares a story of headphone pad comfort, and is hoping the Brainwavz pads will sort out his issue. I hope they do! Those are the most commonly bought third party pads for a reason!

Jacob H’s personal headphone journey continues, and he’s pretty happy with the HRM-6’s. That means he has good taste, haha. I agree that those are very good headphones, and I’m surprised I don’t see them talked about more often online.

The cheaper HRM-5’s should probably be the default starter headphone recommendation online instead of the M40X.

Please clap for this. Please read my other things. I wrote a ton of headphone content this week and it’s just a click away right there in that previous sentence. Please then use Twitter to send me questions about headphones. Or don’t! Please go to my personal site. It has things on it that are often slightly different than the things I put on Medium.

Thank you. Stock Photograph.

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