Reply Fridays #1

In which I highlight replies that I’ve decided to reply to

I only reply to Medium replies on Fridays now. Here’s a list of the replies that I received this week, and handy links for you to read them, and then read my replies to their replies.

I think Medium should have just called these comments so that I wouldn’t have to type the world replies so many times.

Vadym D is trying to figure out which one of Razer’s headsets to buy. It’s a tough decision, because they’ve recently greatly expanded their headset lineup with a whole variety of different takes on the same 50mm drivers. You can pretty much get any headband, earpad, connectivity, and RGB configuration you’d like out of a Razer product now.

Jacob H is on the hunt for a pair of headphones that matches his preferred signature exactly, which is probably bassier than what I like. Sometimes it’s tough to find what you really want without listening to about a million pairs!

Jacob H has also found my review for the HRM6, an underrated and underloved gem. But then he had to go and bring up the ding on the HyperX Cloud Revolver!

Okay look, yes, the metal headband on the Revolver will make a ding sound if you hit it. But so will almost every suspension headphone that uses a metal band. And they improved the ding recently with rubber inserts on all revolver models. The moral of the story is: don’t hit your headphones while wearing them. I know this is a mindblowing concept, right? :)

Ray Cheung has reached the end of a decision-making journey. He settled on the Astro A20’s, which are great! I’ve actually been thinking of buying a new pair of them myself. They still have my favorite pads of any Astro headset, and they sound very nice.

HipJipC relates a personal story of the MDR-V6. It’s interesting, out of all my headphone reviews…the Sony MDR-V6 and 7506 articles have the most folks who come to wax nostalgic about their time with the headphones. I’ve rarely seen so much passion about an audio product. It’s clear why both pairs have stood the test of time.

Robert Beesley is trying to answer that age-old question: Leatherette, or Cloth? They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s something I can’t choose for him without being inside his brain.

That’s all the replies I had sitting in my queue. I’ll be back next Friday with more reply excitement! Oh boy!

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