Relive the “Magic” Of My First Headphone Reviews

Straight from the depths of Tumblr!

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Before I started reviewing headphones here on Medium, or over on World Bolding…I wrote random off-the-cuff product reviews on Tumblr.

I knew that no one was reading them, and I mostly wanted a place to put the thoughts I was having during my personal tech, gaming, and headphone journey.

I’ve finally done the work of collating them into a list of links that you can peruse for your “amusement.” Notice how I don’t post any pictures of the headphones. Marvel at how influenced I was by other popular headphone opinions. Behold how many times I quit reviewing headphones before then reviewing another pair of headphones.


Beats Solo 2 (AKA The Pinch Monsters)

Sony MDRZX110NC (Sony’s Cheapest ANC Set)

Skullcandy Grind (Still an amazing little thing!)

Bose Soundlink and Soundtrue On-Ear (Man I miss these. The Soundtrue On-ear was the most comfy on-ear I’ve ever used)

Sony XtraBass 950AP (I misspelled the name of these and never fixed it)

Razer Kraken V1 (I actually really liked these, boomy bass nonsense and all. Even thought about buying the metal “Forged” edition)

Audio-Technica M50X (The first of my 80 reviews of this pair)

Audio-Technica M40X (I still get requests to cover this one now. I had to see if they could live up to their bigger brothers. I’m sure you’re aware of how great they are for the price)

Audio-Technica AD700X (Hey look an open headphone! These were really good! I should probably cover more open headphones…but I also love isolation)

Bose QC25 Triple Black (Another favorite of mine. Still bummed that this was deleted in favor of the 35, as the tuning of the 25 was flatter thanks to its lack of active EQ)

Steelseries Headsets that Didn’t Fit My Big Stupid Head (Long before I fell in love with the Arctis lineup, I tried some earlier Steelseries models. It didn’t go well)

Thanks for joining me on that weird adventure. I’ll say this for Past Alex…I enjoyed looking at some of these again, and appreciated their informal nature. I’d love to bring some of that relaxed tone back in the future.

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