Razer’s New “Budget” Basilisk V3 X Mouse Seems Like A Terrible Deal

Want to pay more money for one button and a light?

Alex Rowe
4 min readMay 24, 2023
The Razer Basilisk V3 X Hyperspeed gaming mouse on a desk.
Official marketing image, www.razer.com

I generally love Razer’s “Basilisk” series of mice — even if they are just a careful non-legally-infringing copy of Logitech’s wildly popular G502 models. The Basilisk V3 is a true modern performer, with a cool smart scroll wheel that can auto change between different modes, and some of the best tracking performance you can find in a current gaming mouse. The classic Basilisk X budget wireless version retained most of the perks of its more expensive cousins, with the added highlight of replaceable batteries.

It was one of the cheapest ways into Razer’s peripheral ecosystem, with an MSRP of sixty bucks and frequent discounts into the forty dollar range, making it both an attractive option for first time buyers and a compelling alternative to Logitech’s ever-expensive wireless G502.

So, the new Basilisk V3 X should be the best of both these worlds right? It should blend some of their new technology with that original budget framework — right? Unfortunately, no.

I was hopeful that whenever Razer refreshed what’s become one of their most popular budget mice, they’d bring in the one main cool perk from the more expensive V3 models: the dynamic smart scroll wheel. Heck, I’d…



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