Razer launched two new Kraken Pro V2 colors, and they look great

Razer launched some new colors for the Kraken Pro V2 today. You can see my original review of this headset HERE.

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Image taken from Razer PR. Oh man please don’t get mad at me.

The black version on the left was the original color, and the green and the white are the new ones. I don’t normally buy multiple versions of the same pair of headphones.

But there are exceptions.

I liked the original Skullcandy Grind enough to buy two different colors. And I like the HyperX Cloud II enough that I bought the CloudX, mostly to get the hard case.

Would I buy one of these new colors? If I did…it probably wouldn’t be the green one. I know that bright green things are a Razer trademark, and I guess I’m glad the tradition continues. But one time I was wearing a bright green Razer headset in a coffee shop and a random woman kept asking me if I was a DJ.

So that was kind of weird.

The white model looks like it would match my Mac and my Xbox One S, so of the two, that’s the color I’d pick. I’m glad the V2 is doing well enough to merit new colors. It’s perhaps the best headphone Razer has ever made. It’s solidly-built, surprisingly balanced in sound, and comfy. You can’t ask for much more.

Unless you wanted a color that wasn’t black…and now they’ve got that covered too.

Here’s a link to Razer’s product page for the V2.

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