Razer Kraken X Gaming Headset Review

A budget surprise from Razer


Selling for $49 US, the Razer Kraken X is a closed-back, wired gaming headset. It comes in an all-black version and a version with blue accents called the “console edition,” but they’re functionally identical aside from the colors.

Promotional Image Courtesy of Razer / www.razer.com


I liked the sound of the original Kraken years ago, but it was a big dumb bass monster. It hit you in the head with bass and kind of ignored everything else. Its massive popularity simultaneously associated muddy bass with gaming headsets and drove audiophiles to hate the entire market segment.

Razer Surround 2019

Razer is gradually phasing out the old Razer Surround, which had a free and a pro version. Now they offer Razer 7.1 Surround, which is included with this model and the new baseline Kraken ($79), and THX Spatial Audio, included with the Kraken Tournament Edition ($99), and the Razer Nari lineup ($99–$199).


All the way yes.


In the past, when designing lower-end headsets, Razer has taken one of their expensive models and chipped away materials and features until it hit the right price point.

If only this cable were less kinky!


This is a top tier microphone for the price. Its cardioid pickup pattern blocks out background noises well, and its voice performance is among the best in this price range. It holds its own against the Arctis and the RIG series microphones, as well as the exceptional-sounding Astro A10. If you don’t position it just so, it’ll pop a little from your breath since it doesn’t include a pop filter, but it’s loud and sensitive and I’d happily use it for any audio task.


Razer really nailed this one. Yes, it’s a little bit creaky due to the plastic, and yes, the cable and the microphone are permanently attached. But this is a good-sounding, comfortable, fully featured package in a new fresh design that retails for $50.



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