Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset Review

Comfort, fun sound, and a frustrating dongle

Photo taken by the author.
Photo taken by the author.


The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (official site here) sells for a standard retail price of $99, and it’s available in Black or bright Razer Green. I got the green version at a discount for around $70 from Amazon. It goes on sale constantly. Inside the box, you get the headset, a THX Spatial Audio dongle, and some documentation and stickers.

Photo taken by the author.


When I first tried the Kraken V2 back in 2016, I found it had a functional v-shaped sound that was saved by a more nuanced treble than I was expecting and by a wide soundstage.

Photo taken by the author.


I had high hopes for the spatial audio dongle here. I was hoping it would solve the few usability issues I had with the software version of THX Spatial Audio, namely that I needed to turn on surround support manually for each game.

Photo taken by the author.


The original V2 version of this headset had exceptional comfort, and the current revision slightly improves things. The thick ear pads have a layer of cooling gel on top that provides a cold sensation for about the first ten minutes of wear. The ear pad openings are so large and deep that your ears shouldn’t touch inside. The headband pad is about fifty percent thicker than on the launch version, and the frame has enough flexibility and fit adjustment that you shouldn’t have trouble getting a good seal.

The old version had the logo embossed into the headband, but now it’s printed on. Photo taken by the author.


The microphone is wholly unremarkable, especially within a crowded 2021 field. It has a nasally thin tone, with a good amount of acoustic background cancellation. I’m hopeful that the inevitable future revision will include the “HyperClear” mic from many of Razer’s other headsets, as that capsule has a much more pleasant sound overall. Here’s a short test I recorded.

These still look so huge on my head. Photo taken by the author.


I still love the large, comfortable design of the Kraken TE, and in spite of its many little flaws in sound, and the disappointing dongle…I had a good time revisiting this headset in its twilight.



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