Price/Value is different for everyone!

Especially in the world of gaming peripherals

I’m glad you’re enjoying the wireless Arctis Pros! Thank you, genuinely, for sharing your opinions and perspective instead of just firing off a quick one-sentence missive. You’ve spent more time than most people would have, for sure.

I don’t have much to add other than what I’ve said in the responses above…and in the review I wrote of the wired version which is also linked in the article you commented on in bold text right at the beginning.

Medium’s pile o’ content “organization system” means that the best way I have of issuing a mea culpa is to put bold text at the top of older content. It’s an imperfect system at best and a daily nightmare at worst.

I am also still impressed at the ability of this hasty rant I wrote to generate comments that seem based largely on its title.

I’d probably compare the $149 Arctis 7’s to the $99 Void Pros if I wanted to make that comparison fair…the original Void’s aren’t quite in the same category of features or performance and the improvements in the Pro are worth considering.

And yes, that absolutely does make the Void Pros a better value (to me) even though I also think the Arctis 7 is exceptional.

Most gamers I personally know, myself included, don’t want to spend $329 on a gaming headset. That doesn’t make it a bad product, but as I said in my review written after this rant, it does make it a product for a specific, smaller audience.

And I still think Steelseries could market these on their legitimate strengths rather than solely on the hi-res sticker. You’ve pointed out many of them in your comment in a clearer way than any of their marketing has.

High resolution image so that Medium doesn’t yell at me for posting this without one.

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