OneOdio Fusion A71 Wired Headphones Review

An acceptable $40 headphone with just a few compromises

Photo Taken By Me.
Photo Taken By Me.


The OneOdio Fusion Wired headphone is a closed-back pair that retails for $40.

Photo taken by me.


I expected nothing as far as audio performance out of the 40mm drivers packed into the non-vented plastic ear cups of the Fusion, but they hold more positives than negatives in the audio department.

These pads are a touch small inside, but still offer more space than the infamous M50X pads. Photo Taken By Me.


The wired OneOdio Fusion A71’s don’t use memory foam ear pads, and the ear pad holes are a little bit on the small side. They’ll hug your ears tightly. The drivers aren’t angled inside and the ear pad depth is shallow, so your ears will press a little into the very soft foam inside the center of the cup.

So many other headphones leave this cable channel open, but not the OneOdio Fusion. Photo taken by me.


If you want a headphone that looks like a real headphone but doesn’t necessarily feel like a real headphone, you’ve come to the right place.

Look at that 6.3mm jack on there! Photo Taken By Me.


I love the extras package on this headphone.

Photo Taken By Me.
A tiny coil does not a coiled cable make. Photo Taken By Me.
Photo Taken By Me.
Photo taken by me.


The most you can hope for out of a headphone this cheap is that it’s better than you expect. That’s just what the OneOdio Fusion A71 delivers.


Both of the Pro 50’s I received through Amazon had no tension or friction whatsoever in their left foldable hinge. Every time I tried to fold the headphones down for storage, the left ear cup would just flop all the way back open immediately.

Photo taken by me.



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