Oh Right! Android Games have Graphics Options!

I’ve been running Heroes of Incredible Tales for a week with the frame rate locked at 30 and the graphics on medium.

Clearly this is the best use of all the power inside my Galaxy S8+. I did this on purpose and not because I’m an idiot.

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My new character, from restarting the game thanks to defaulting to the wrong server. This looks great this size and makes me want a PC version.

I lived in the world of iOS for a very long time. On a few occasions, games give you some graphics options in Apple’s system…but more often than not, your phone is detected and the game adjusts automatically.

On iOS, what you get is what you get.

That would be a nightmare with the roughly 8 million different Android phones on the market, so most games use PC-like graphics settings on top of their individual optimizations.

And I always forget about this.

Heroes of Incredible Tales defaults to medium graphics at 30 frames per second, but my Galaxy S8 can easily push the game at the high settings with the frame rate at 60 without even thinking about it. Now I’m enjoying better textures and shadow quality at double the responsiveness, no less.

It’s so weird to have to think about this playing a mobile game. In my brain, mobile games are at the opposite end of the “ease of use” spectrum from PC games, with console games right in the middle.

Mobile games are the epitome of fun get-in get-out experiences.

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HIT has a beach-themed event right now. I got this lifeguard swimsuit and a beach-themed bow for free from chests. I went to take these screens and played the game for 15 mins, and never took a screen of the actual gameplay. Oops!

So it’s wild to have a full suite of graphics settings in some games, let alone one setting. A lot of games bury these settings a bit behind their menus and tutorials, too. They don’t just pop up before the game starts.

I ultimately like this flexibility, but I have to keep reminding myself that it even exists. I guess since it’s a fact of life in the Android world, I can’t rely on developers to signpost it to me in their interface design.

Now, HIT also defaulted me to the European server…which meant that PVP was slow for me, among other connection issues. And when I switched to the US server, I had to start the whole game over again.

But those are complaints I’ll elaborate more on in a review next week!

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