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Oh okay, I’ll just buy every PC in the world before expressing my opinions about Apple’s undeniable trackpad quality.

Oh wait, I don’t have that kind of money. And trackpads aren’t my sole criteria for a computer purchase. I just like Apple’s. It’s cool with me if you don’t.

You’ve quoted the base price of the current model ofDell G5 and the upgrade price of the 12-inch Macbook, which actually starts at $1299.

My Dell G5 was $1100 because I didn’t buy the base model and it was the summer of 2018. I’ve edited the article to link my review, something I intended to do on first publish so thanks for noticing the omission! I needed at least a 1060 to justify it. Since last year, prices have come down, as they thankfully do on PCs.

Pretty much every PC is cheaper spec-for-spec than every single Apple product, and I love them for that. That’s why there are multiple PC’s in my house and only one Macbook. But show me a PC where I can click every centimeter of the trackpad with equal feel, haptics, and precision to Apple’s, and then we’ll have something!

I’m very critical of Apple on almost everything else these days, as I’ve said in the article.

I just wish that a manufacturer on the PC side would attempt to emulate what Apple has done in the trackpad space, as far as relative size and usability.

I think you’ve gotten the impression that I hate all PC’s and you’ve come to defend them, which is your prerogative.

We all know how important these articles are in the cosmic scope of “Bestness.” I’d never expect the 143 people that have made it to the end of my article to instantly agree with my personal opinion.

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I’ve touched a Surface Book 2 at the store, and known some people who own them. They’re very nice machine, generally. If I’m ever in the market for another versatile ultraportable, it’ll be on my shortlist. And the trackpad is the closest attempt at a facsimile of the Apple stuff…


It has prevalent lag and sensitivity issues when used on battery, something I haven’t run into on my Macbook. People have been reporting this since launch, and there’s still no apparent fix in the pipeline if this support thread is to be believed.

Now as to the Thinkpad, I’m happy you brought it up!

The Thinkpad’s true strength is the magical and infamous analog nubbin AKA the pointing stick, which I’m really happy still exists. If I bought one, I’d use that far more than I’d use the trackpad. No one makes a better analog nub, and it’s an interface that I miss for portable computing. But that is a tale for another time.

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