Nonda USB-C Adapter Review — *Essential* for MacBook Owners!

Alongside my purchase of a 2016 MacBook, I picked up one of Apple’s official USB adapters. I often use a small portable DAC for my headphones when I do writing work remotely, so a USB adapter was a must.

Sadly, It helped turn my little table at the coffee shop into a nightmare of cables.

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What a sad state of affairs the future has brought us, huh?

The Apple adapter is the white dongle thing in the picture…but you probably already know that, since I think Apple sold roughly a billion of them. I’m sure that wasn’t part of the secret point of changing to a new port standard, right? ;)

And yes, I know that the new ports are faster and offer other benefits. But the profit margin on that dongle is nuts.

It’s not even that good.

The cord is weirdly long. The plastic bits are weirdly huge. It’s not very flexible, and it has a tendency to just stick straight out from the computer.

It looks completely ridiculous next to one of the sleekest computers ever designed by humans.

I needed a better solution.

I found one on Amazon for just 10 bucks.

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That little tiny silver thing with the white LED on it is the Nondo USB-C adapter. They claim that it’s the world’s smallest. I love it.

Its body is solid aluminum, and it comes in a variety of color options to match different MacBooks on the market. I got the space gray one…which doesn’t completely match my computer, but it was the one I could get with the fastest shipping.

The white LED lets you know that the adapter is connected and working. Wonderfully, since USB-C is reversible, if the light bugs you it’s easy to just flip the adapter over.

I haven’t done any major speed tests on the device, but Nonda’s page claims it works at full USB 3 speeds and I haven’t had any trouble with stuff I’ve plugged into it.

This has saved my portable MacBook experience from the nightmarish depths of dongle hell. They’re also small enough to fit side by side if you have one of the bigger computers with multiple ports.

The only worry I have left is that I’ll lose it, but that’s a good worry to have.

The Nonda USB adapter is an essential buy for any MacBook user looking to use full-size USB-ported devices. And it’s cheaper than Apple’s stupid garbage dongle. Never buy one of their dongles again! You’re welcome.

Please click the heart if this article helped you out! I’m so happy to be rid of my official Apple Dongle. It now lives in my closet, enjoying its retirement.

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