Nighttime Musings and Trying out the Medium Mobile App

I don’t normally write on my phone outside of text messages. When it comes to writing, I’m generally a keyboard guy. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy keyboard; I used a cheap Chromebook for a year.

Writing on my phone always held a strange appeal, but I never dove in.


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This is the nicest part of my current surroundings. The rest of it is a thousand strip mall buildings, roads, and people who would probably rather remain anonymous.

I would have put that all in a caption on that photo, but it doesn’t seem like this app has a way to do that.

Outside of that possible omission that may be due to my own ignorance, this app seems pretty good overall. It’s no doubt better suited to people who use Medium for reading.

Something that, hilariously, I almost never do.

I understand that the new home page layout is more mobile friendly, but I miss the old one. I feel like it did a better job of presenting me with articles I might not have found on my own. The current page layout knows me a little too well, and sometimes it even highlights stories at the top that I’ve written myself.

I miss being able to quickly switch text to bold or italics with shortcuts. Also, as much as I’ve been really enjoying my new Samsung Galaxy S8+, I think I’d be doing better with the keyboard on my old iPhone.

I know that I can install different keyboards in Android, and I know that this one will eventually learn my typing habits better than it already has…but nearly ten years of owning iPhones gave their typing experience a familiarity that I haven’t fully recovered after the switch. Very akin to what I imagine using the same computer keyboard would be like after ten years if they didn’t eventually break.

I suppose someday this experience will be the norm for writers. I’m sure a few folks will still hold on to keyboards at home, but for on the go it’ll be touch screens or nothing.

I wonder if we’ve already crossed the line where most of the world’s text is created via touch screens?

I can’t deny the convenience of the all-in-one nature of the smartphone. I was able to take that photo above without switching devices, and easily pop back here and put it in. That sort of convenience has been weirdly trivialized in today’s tech-obsessed world.

I’m sitting at a writers group meeting right now. We are outside a cafe listening to some live music near a fountain. And endless miles of strip mall. Old school hand writing, laptop typing, and touch screen typing are all well-represented at the table right now.

A perfect illustration that the skill of writing is fully separate from the tools you use.

I mentioned music in the previous paragraph. Medium often recommends that people follow me for music content…but I haven’t written explicitly about music in months. If you’re here for music content, I’m so sorry! More is coming soon!

I suppose I shouldn’t fight the device-filled future. I couldn’t if I wanted to. The onslaught of touch screens is already here and the change was over 9 years ago. Is this perfect for my typing tastes? Well no. But is it totally serviceable and workable? More than yes.

The Medium app is totally fine and presents about 90 percent of the “full” Medium experience. Except for the part where the stats screen doesn’t have the cool graph display at the top of it. That part is stupid.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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