My Official Reviews, Editorial, and Monetization Policy

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Hi there. I’m a guy on the internet who enjoys reviewing audio and gaming products. Here’s my simple policy for doing that:

  1. I don’t accept money from companies for Sponsored Ad Posts disguised as reviews, and I never have in the past.
  2. Unless explicitly stated in the review, I bought the product I’m reviewing with my own personal money. When I accept a review unit, I won’t monetize a review of that product outside my donate buttons.
  3. My personal web site is completely free to access. Some of my content on Medium will live behind the member paywall when it first publishes to help support my efforts, before transitioning to a free “archival” status at my discretion.
  4. I have a one-time donate button on my personal web site if you’d like to directly support me outside the Medium membership. It’s not recurring or subscription-based, but rather a virtual tip jar. You can also donate to me directly through Ko-Fi, and there you can read special bonus posts exclusive to that platform to see what I’m working on. Direct donations help me post more free content. If you follow me on Twitter you can quickly see when I upload new posts on any site.
  5. In those specific moments where I receive a review unit/code/etc., the review text will have as many specifics about the arrangement as I’m allowed to reveal featured in the opening section of the article. I don’t accept review units with any major strings attached outside embargo dates for new releases.
  6. None of the product links in my reviews are affiliate links or referral links. You can click away knowing I won’t get paid anything if you do so. I don’t personally believe in the practice. I’ve written a lengthy piece about that originally commissioned by OneZero, available here to read free of charge.

Thanks for reading!