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Where will I post What?

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Behold my eternally dusty GameDAC

or months now, I’ve had a hard time deciding what content should go on Medium, and what should go on

Should they just be clones of each other? Should they be unique? Should worldbolding just be the place where I upload gaming headset mic tests and nothing else, since that’s all that anyone really clicks on?

Well, after months of silly deliberations and a week of working on a review of my new laptop, I’ve come to an answer.

My Medium page will now function a bit more like a tech lifestyle blog. Any time I have a longer technology ramble, a review process insight, a debate about an audiophile term, or anything else like that, it’ll go here. This will also be the place for my long-form discussion articles about general tech/gaming/music topics, and most of those will be behind the paywall.

Also, my coffee reviews will still live on Medium because people love those.

Headphone, Game, Music, and Tech reviews will all go on my personal site at, as will nitty gritty detail oriented stuff like this new article about the Arctis Pro. If it’s something specifically about a product in one of these hobbies I’m interested in, my site is the place to find it.

It’ll also be the home for my fiction which I’ll one day get back around to writing.

Hopefully, this clear delineation will help my two online places to work better together, and provide the sort of content that readers in each place are looking for. If you’re wondering why I’ve made these decisions, it’s based entirely on cold hard data that I’ve been studying since I started.

I’m also willing to tweak these ideas. If you have any feedback/comments please leave them below!

I know it might be frustrating to have to check two places for my content, but I have solid enough readership in each place that I don’t want to just let one die. Also, the vast majority of my readership comes not from my followers/recurring readers but from random Google searches, which has made it quite difficult to figure out how to grow and build an audience.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for continuing to read in the future! Lots more to come…

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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