The Best VR Cozy Game I’ve Tried So Far

PowerWash Simulator is a therapeutic delight

Alex Rowe


A woman power washes a stylized house while wearing a VR headset.
AI Artwork generated by DALL-E 3, from a prompt written by the author.

I didn’t like viral video game hit PowerWash Simulator when it first launched a few years ago — in fact, I thought it was ridiculous and stupid.

A friend and I play games together every Tuesday night, and when this game first hit Game Pass, it was Palworld before there was Palworld. You couldn’t walk into a YouTube channel, Twitch stream, or social media gaming discussion without hearing about the relaxing experience of washing random muddy objects around a digital town. So we dove in to play a few hours, and I ranted the entire time. “What even is this?!,” I asked. Who would want to do this for more than a few minutes? Why is this even a thing?

I sort of forgot about it, and then a few weeks ago I bought a Meta Quest 2 VR headset. At the end of last year, the game’s developers at FuturLab self-published an exclusive conversion of main game for Facebook’s burgeoning VR platform, and you can only open the Quest Store so many times before they’ll show it to you prominently.

The VR version is mostly the same game as the original, though it doesn’t yet have any of the fun bonus DLC like the Final Fantasy or Tomb Raider content — possibly because those licenses came along for “free” thanks to the console versions being published by…