Louis Rossmann is a Quality Guy

I’ve enjoyed his stuff for a while now

Thanks for your reply, Mike!

I watch many of Louis’s uploads, and I’ve enjoyed them for a number of years. Although I don’t think I could or would ever even attempt my own board repair, it’s really cool to see the inner workings of all these machines and the vast differences between Apple’s design and everyone else’s.

Watching his bafflement at new Apple machines helped cement my decision never to buy one again.

While his personal politics and mine differ a bit, I love his dedication to encouraging logical thought, supporting companies that promote consumer respect, and his general platform of trying to get people to think outside their hype-driven boxes.

Marketing hype is something I’ve tackled myself in the past.

I feel like his videos should be required viewing for all tech enthusiasts, at the very least to have the experience of being exposed to his style of thought.

I hope that your personal laptop search is going well, and you find something that you can enjoy without compromises!

Hi res picture so that Medium doesn’t immediately discard my article into the bottom of the bin!

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Here’s a completely unrelated screenshot I took of No Man’s Sky Next, a game so different that they could have sold it as a sequel.

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