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MagSafe was so good and smart! And so weirdly fun and satisfying to use! And it even had the boardroom-satisfying aspect of being a proprietary thing that Apple could charge a premium for.

I can see the arguments for stripping some ports from the thin-and-light MacBook design, but the loss of MagSafe was a tremendous mistake.

When the 12-inch design was first announced and it had one USB C port, it felt like most of the comments were incredulously about how THIS IS THE FUTURE, and “Apple is just setting the standard that everyone else is going to follow.”

Everyone else, huh? Is that why almost no one else has cut all the ports out of their laptops, save for a few thin-and-light Windows machines?

The continued monster success of touchbar pros is BAFFLING to me. I get that a lot of this is probably because people want the highest-end Mac and not necessarily because of the Touchbar, but I’m not sure that Apple has really learned that lesson. Why not use that space for an extra heatpipe in the machine to improve thermals? Or the guts of a MagSafe power connector? :)

I’m generally platform agnostic, and I have used and loved computers with OSes ranging from CPM to DOS to Linux all the way Windows and MacOS. And don’t get me started about the AtariST.

Yes, that whole paragraph was to prove that I’m “old enough” to understand these things. Thanks internet for being so trusting.

I want to love everything. I am always curious to see new tech announcements. The MacBook could have been a smart new “back-to-basics” reboot of the laptop line, a new Air for a more fashion-conscious person.

Instead, at each new product since 2015, I just shake my head in mild confusion. I know I’m not their intended customer anymore, and maybe I never really was.

Oh well!

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