Logitech’s Secret Best Gaming Headset

Incredible sound in an affordable package

Alex Rowe
4 min readSep 16, 2022


Logitech G535 wireless gaming headset lying on its side on a desk.
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Last year, when I first reviewed the Logitech G535, it almost felt like a stealth launch. It had no marketing push. It had no fancy techno-laden product trailer. It seemed like it was a Best Buy exclusive, at least in the US, as it didn’t show up on any other retailer pages or even have its own page on Logitech’s web site.

It was a wireless update of the more budget-friendly wired G335, with styling and features that also resembled the premium G733. It carried a standard price tag of $129, putting it in a weird market position just above budget wireless headsets but just below the average price for “mainline” models. At the time, I thought it sounded decent, had a solid microphone, and if you could get it on sale it was a good deal.

Now that a year has gone by, the G535 finally has its own product page next to Logitech’s other stuff. They’re still not pushing it all that hard. They’d rather you look at the RGB-enabled 733 or the new twice-as-expensive G735 instead, with its new stylish fashion-inspired design. The G535 lives in an awkward no-man’s-land of price and performance that the company seemingly has no interest in promoting.

Well, I’m here to tell you they should be pushing this thing SO MUCH harder, because it’s awesome!

I wasn’t asked by Logitech to write this. I’m not paid by any of the companies I cover, and I don’t use affiliate links because they’re gross and they’ve ruined reviews.

I’ve been throwing every wireless headset I have access to at the PS5 to compare them, and during this epic derby I came upon the G535 in my closet. It may not have the lighting, removable mic, or Bluetooth connectivity of some of Logitech’s other wireless options — but it has excellent sound performance and comfort.

Those are the two main things you need in a gaming headset, really. On first re-listening to it, I was startled by how enjoyably accurate its sound was. When I say accurate, I mean in a hi-fi studio-centric sense. The bass and treble ranges are both just a little bit accentuated — but this is the most flat and accurate-sounding Logitech headset out of the box. In fact, I think it has sound that can compete with audiophile and studio…



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