Interesting! Thank you for sharing what you found! I’m sorry you’ve had such bad luck with Sony.

That first reddit thread you linked has a guy who mentions Sony said a “certain range of serial numbers” was affected by this issue. That’s the first time I’ve personally seen any sort of acknowledgement of this issue.

I don’t myself believe in the conspiracy theories that Sony builds bad products on purpose. That’s an awful way to do business, and returns would be so high that the company would have gone under years ago. I know they’ve had some divisions reorganized or sold off recently, but even so, the 1000X is a flagship consumer product. Knowingly releasing it with a bad design/material flaw would be a big mistake.

However, I do think it’s probably right that they’re outsourcing their support to different companies, and that this is why the warranty experience has been so wildly different for various people around the world. It’s pretty common practice to outsource low-level product support. There are a few companies that provide this sort of service near where I live, and I have friends who have worked for them.

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