Yup. You caught me. Kingston/HyperX totally paid me for this “review.”

It’s DEFINITELY NOT an arbitrary comparison between two headphones I bought with my own money and wrote in my spare unpaid time.

Your comment has all of my favorite hallmarks of a defensive headphone comment.

  1. Assertion that I don’t know what I’m talking about
  2. Complicated “Math” involving other completely unrelated headphones to PROVE which one is better.
  3. Assertion that I must have been paid for my review, since it doesn’t agree with your opinion. (Even though as I’ll show in a minute, it sort of does!)

It seems like you really like the DT770's! I do too. I like them so much I bought three of them! I’ve written reams of praise for the DT770's.

You can read that HERE (DT770 80 Ohm Review)

Or HERE (DT770 250 Ohm Review)

Or HERE (DT 770 32 Ohm Review)

Or HERE (80 Ohm Vs 250 Ohm Showdown)

I think it’s a fantastic headphone, and that anyone who gets way into this hobby should take a go at listening to one.

And I even said in the article you commented on: “I contemplated adding another category so that the DT770’s could win this, because I personally like them a little bit more thanks to their improved sound quality and the way they fit on my head.”

But it kinda seems like you just skimmed my article and then scoffed at the notion that anyone could make a very good cheap copy of the DT770…but that’s exactly what Takstar/Kingston has done.

Plus, the Cloud II has gaming features some people might want without having to spend extra money to add a mic to the DT770.

In all seriousness, this does expose a flaw in the “Headphone Showdown” articles I’ve pondered addressing for a while.

Want to know how they work?

I just make up a bunch of categories based on what I think a typical customer would want to know about, and then I give my opinion at that time on each one. I declare a winner in each category. Then, I count up the total number of wins for each side and declare a winner based on that count.

I probably should add a weight to each category, so that things like the Cloud II’s gaming features wouldn’t matter as much in the face of the slightly better sound of the DT770. But then I’d just get people telling me that I’ve assigned the weighting wrong, and they’d accuse me of being paid for the article.

My articles always represent my honest opinion at that time, and sometimes that changes, but I try to stay as consistent as I can.

It’s always bizarre to me when people become so insulated as to believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with them on a matter of opinion must have been paid to do that.

I wish there was money to be made disagreeing with people on the internet! We’d all be rich!!!

I’m impressed at the level of confidence you have in your opinion…one that I actually agree with in this case.

The only reason these two headphones tied is because my scoring system is weird. But these are both great headphones…and the HyperX one is cheaper, which matters to those of us not paid to write random articles.

Have you ever had the chance to listen to a Cloud/Takstar Pro 80? It’s a really good Beyer copy that people with less money can afford.

Thanks for reading and the comment. It gave me the chance to talk about the flaws in my headphone showdown articles a little, and a chance to link everyone to my DT770 articles again.

I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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