I’m still frustrated that HyperX is selling the Cloud II and Alpha at the Same Price

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Hello! Yours is the exact experience that convinced me that HyperX would pull the Cloud II from shelves sometime shortly after the Alpha was released, or at the very least lower the price of the older unit.

But they did neither thing…even almost a year later.

It’s baffling to me that HyperX is selling the older model side-by-side with the newer one at a similar price. The same thing is happening at countless shops near me.

I don’t think I could say much more about how different they sound than I already have in the above article and my review of the Alpha. The bass is a little more impactful on the Alphas, but the biggest differences are in the mids and highs.

If you want a more objective take, I highly suggest taking a look at the Rtings reviews of these two headphones. The Cloud II comes decently close to their reference target…the Alpha comes closer. Now that Innerfidelity is essentially defunct, Rtings is an excellent source for headphone measurements…even though I think their dogged insistence on rating every single headphone for its outdoor/exercise use even if it’s not designed for that use case is a little goofy.

It’s not the most profound difference in the entire world, but it’s the sort of thing that audiophiles/detail hounds will really appreciate. The drivers in the Alpha break up less in the sound ranges that provide clarity, and the improved padding and removable cable are undeniable improvements.

Since sound is about the presentation of the whole and subjective opinion and not just performance at specific frequency ranges, it’s important not to rely solely on graphs…

But the Alpha is very much the “Cloud III…” and honestly that would have been a better name.

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