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The Cloud Revolver has a warm, rich, wide, inviting sound profile. It sounds a lot like more expensive headphones. It’s great for music, movies, and games.

The Arctis is a little bit more cold and clinical-sounding. It doesn’t have as much bass as the Revolver. It’s not as initially exciting as the sound of the Revolver, but it’s probably a touch more “accurate.” The cloth cushions isolate about 80 percent as well as the leatherette pads of the Revolver, so keep that in mind if you listen in a loud area.

Neither headphone is fatiguing for long listening sessions. They both sound great, honestly. It’s really a matter of personal taste, sound-wise. If you like the big, broad, slightly warm and boomy sound of the Revolver, you won’t find the sound of the Arctis to be better…just different. That’s the case with most headphones of reasonable quality. It’s hard for me to help answer that particular conundrum for you without knowing what sort of sound signature you like.

Comfort-wise I find the Arctis maybe just a touch more wearable. The Revolver is a little bit heavy on the head, but its pads go a long way to mitigate that, and it’s still comfy. Still, in the cheaper headset range, nothing beats the comfort of the Arctis on my big head.

The biggest reason I could see to choose the Arctis over the Revolver would be if you’re going to take the headphones outside. The Revolver is a big, unsightly thing, and it’s not the greatest for use in a place like a coffee shop, or on a bus, or whatever. I never took mine outside. The Arctis looks a lot more like a “Regular” pair of headphones, so if you want something versatile enough to use outside without looking silly, it might be the better pick.

I think the mic quality on both is about even. Again, it’ll be down to personal preference kind of like the sound signature, but they both have capable mics.

Lastly…the one thing that bothered everyone except me about the Revolver. Have you noticed that, while wearing it, if you hit the headband it makes a metal “ping” sound? This really bothered some people. Now, I think the metal headband helps make the Revolver quite sturdy, and I don’t see why you’d be hitting it while you’re wearing it, but if this bothers you…the Arctis has a plastic headband. :)

The Arctis headband and ear pads are washable. If you sweat a lot while gaming, that’s a big plus!

Since you already own the Revolver, I personally wouldn’t make the switch unless you hate it. The Revolver is a comfy, nice-sounding headset with a solid build and a solid mic. If you really hate something about it, or need something a little lighter and even more comfy, perhaps give the Arctis a shot. Otherwise, you’ve already made a great choice.

Now if it’s an issue of the Arctis being way cheaper or part of some special…well then by all means go for that! But don’t expect a big leap in quality or antyhing. Just expect different. It’s lighter/comfier on the head, a little less bass-focused, and slightly less isolating. Dollar for dollar it probably provides a tiny bit more value especially if it’s on sale… but you didn’t screw up at all picking the Revolver.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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