I really like the Frozen II Teaser Trailer

Let It Go Pun

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I should preface this by saying that I think the first Frozen is a great album attached to an okay, thin movie that was clearly the result of development hell.

But that music. Man. I know that Let It Go over-burned itself into the public consciousness through more replays than any other Disney song ever, but it’s a well-produced song that I will still happily listen to today, and justifiably brought Idina Menzel into mainstream awareness.

Frozen took one of the longest rides ever from concept to development. Disney had multiple versions of the movie in various states of production over multiple decades, and the final version had only 17 months to come together. The race to the finish shows in its somewhat-basic visuals for 2013, lack of world building, and final-ten-minutes plot dump. But it all held together just well enough to deliver its incredible mind virus music into our lives.

Now, we’re five years into waiting for the inevitable sequel, and it could be literally anything. This new teaser makes it look like…a fantasy adventure movie?


Yes, we still don’t know much. Yes, this entire teaser seems like it’s just the characters fighting off-screen enemies we know nothing about. Yes, this has a whiff of modern super hero films to it that doesn’t really jive with the tone of the first movie.

But I am still so in.

The visuals have taken a dramatic step up in complexity and detail, showing off a level of polish and scope that only the sequel to a billion dollar animated hit can have. The final shot of Anna flailing at the camera with a sword gives her more agency than she had in the whole first movie. And the opening ocean training sequence opens my mind to the possibilities of magic in the universe.

I can’t wait to see what these folks can pull off now that they’ve had a full production cycle and a proper amount of money to make something big. And I won’t even be upset when there’s a direct remake/remix of Let It Go, but this time Elsa is freezing goblins or whatever.

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