I Like Star Wars: Hunters — But Only Begrudgingly

Competent free-to-play action game number 94

Alex Rowe
6 min readJun 24, 2024
The new cast of heroes and villains in Star Wars: Hunters all stand in a line during the game’s opening cutscene.
Screenshot taken by the author.

I don’t think that Star Wars: Hunters is trying to be anyone’s first choice for a mobile multiplayer game. At least, I hope it’s not going for that.

This new Nintendo Switch and Android/iOS game from the once-reviled Zynga was first greenlit way back in the bygone days of 2018, with its first release date set for 2021, after a short beta. You might have noticed that was three years ago. No one really knows what happened with the game’s development that made it take so much longer than it was supposed to, and now that it’s here — you’d be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t a modern game.

Hunters is a 4 v 4 team-based action game set in a loose collection of Star Wars locations, with a cast of mostly new characters rendered in a fun cartoon aesthetic. The areas and character archetypes are as familiar as the gameplay, which seems intensely inspired by other popular team based multiplayer games like Overwatch. Each character has their own class category that comes with a couple of special abilities, as well as a long cooldown “ultimate” that can possibly change the tide of the battle.

If you’ve already played one of these types of games before, you’ll instantly recognize everything. That’s a positive from the…



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