I Hated Beyerdynamic’s Marketing Strategy

The reasons why I stopped reviewing Beyerdynamic Products for a while

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UPDATE 10/29/2018: Beyerdynamic has reached out and apologized for the incident below, for which I am very grateful. They’ve also said that their marketing is taking a different direction. That’s a good thing!

Since I wrote this article, and prior to receiving the apology, I buried my feelings on this matter and reviewed both the DT880 and the DT240. I liked them both quite a bit.

Beyerdynamic continues to make headphones I think are worthy of your consideration, in spite of the events recounted below.

The original article follows.

I think Beyerdyamic makes some of the best headphones in the world. The DT770, 990, and Custom One Pro are all great headphones for the price, and I’ve given them all positive reviews in the past.

However, when I return from my headphone hiatus…you probably won’t see any Beyerdynamic headphone reviews out of me.

I think that their marketing strategy is very poor and stupid, and I have two concrete reasons for this.


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In February, Beyerdynamic’s social media team posted a link to a DT770 review on Facebook. That’s a pretty normal thing for a headphone company to do.

Problem is, large chunks of the review were plagiarized from my review which I posted two years ago.

Here’s a screencap from the plagiarized review:

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And here’s the text I wrote back in 2016:

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The blogger they linked to just took whole paragraphs out of my review, cut a few words out, and put them in theirs. And it throws the whole review into doubt, really.

I immediately notified Beyerdynamic of this and of course, I heard nothing back. And no one else in the community commented on it at all.

It was crushing.

A company whose products I generally love used their official marketing channel to post an article plagiarized from one of mine, and possibly from others online as well. Reading through the review, it seems like it has some parts that are genuinely written by the blogger, and then the rest is just filled in from around the internet.

I was more upset that the company officially endorsed this and never apologized for doing it than I was about being copied.

Go watch’s Metal’s stuff. It’s great and detailed, and a good blend of subjective and objective!


This all points to a larger problem: Beyerdynamic only wants to highlight positive reviews of their headphones, and only wants to support criticism from people who will fawn all over them.

Excellent headphone reviewer Metal571,(he’s on hiatus, but PLEASE go check him out), is a fan of several Beyer headphones, just like me. At one point he managed to sign a deal with the company to get review units for two of their higher end headphones.

He gave them both very fair reviews that weren’t super positive.

They cut off all contact with him because of that.

And then months later they…posted his DT1990 review to their social media accounts, because he liked that pair. He had to borrow the DT1990 from a fan.

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I get accused all the time of being paid for my positive reviews even though I purposefully buy every product I review.

And here’s Beyerdynamic, one of the best manufacturers, just blatantly chasing only positive press and cutting ties with people that don’t agree.

It’s disgusting. It’s completely disgusting.

And it makes me not want to buy their products any more, even though I’d love to someday write about the DT240, 1770, and 880.

Thanks for reading. Here’s some other stuff I’ve put on the internet:

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