I Got the White Box Version!

I actually already dedicated two paragraphs to this in the review you commented on…but I’ll address it again because why not?

I got the “older” white box version…even though my pair was made in March of this year...long after the “new” black box version started to show up.

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It’s hard to tell if Takstar is still making both versions of this, and it seems like different suppliers have different versions. It’s all kind of a mess honestly. I’m not the first person to order this recently and still get the “older” version. Here’s some pictures of my little QC card that came in the case, in case you wanted to see it.

I think it’s funny that the Inspector line is blank and only the inspection date is listed. Which is 3–27–2018.

Here’s what I said in my original review above:

Some folks online are convinced that there are two different models of these headphones, that come in different colored boxes…but after lots of research, I think these are just standard manufacturing differences and down to whatever Takstar has on hand at the time.

The older models supposedly come with a 2.2m cable, and the newer ones come with a 1.6m cable. Well, my unit was manufactured in March of this year…and came with the 2.2m cable. And that’s listed as the current cable length on their site. So there you go.

I was a little glib/brief in my conclusion in part because I didn’t want to have to dive into the complexities of the different versions having slightly different measurements. Yes, it generally seems like the older version measures slightly more bright than the new version, but the overall signature is so similar that only the most ardent audiophiles are going to notice anything. Most of my reading audience, at least for headphone reviews, is made up of more casual users that are just googling around for headphone reviews.

And in both cases, liking it or not is going to be down to personal preferences.

Also, because Takstar seemingly refuses to acknowledge openly that there are two different models with two different cables, and because I’m not the only one I’ve seen get the “older” version with a recent order…I really do believe they’re just producing these with whatever parts they happen to be able to get at the time. Takstar makes a ton of different stuff for different companies, and I’m sure that they have slight variances in what parts they’re able to source over time. These are budget headphones, and I don’t think they’re holding them to a very high standard of consistency as far as cables or driver materials.

Honestly, I’m really happy I got the “older” version because I really like the longer, Beyerdynamic-like 2.2m cable with the metal plug…and as I mentioned and linked to in the above quote that’s still the “official” cable according to their web site.

The bigger picture is that none of this matters all that much except to this headphone’s most die-hard fans. I’m actually surprised at how many huge fans this headphone has…not because I think it’s bad, but because I’m surprised that so many people are passionate about what amounts to a pretty good budget headphone. Usually that kind of passion only springs up around more expensive items, in my personal audio gear experience.

I’ve read through all the lengthy discussion board threads on this headphone, just like you probably have. I’ve seen the battles. I’ve seen the praises and the criticisms. I’ve seen the debates over whether one version is fake.

I’ve even seen some passive aggression thrown my way for “spreading misinformation.”

That last point is a little weird as I generally really liked this headphone, and was only so nitpicky about it because the previous Pro 80 is a true budget classic. And I hate glued-on pads…but that’s my personal stance, haha.

I still own some Pro 80’s and I’m wearing and listening to my Pro 82’s right now, in fact. I think it’s a great-sounding, comfy pair of headphones and I think if you read other reviews, mine isn’t that far away from any of them. Some of the head-fi reviews were much harder on them than mine.

I know that was way more than you asked but I wanted to be thorough. Thanks for reading. :)

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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