I Don’t Like the New Medium Logo



I just screamed Newspaper at you. Digitally.

Apparently, that’s also what Medium is trying to do now.

They’re hoping that internet people remember what a Newspaper is.

Image for post
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This is really the new logo and not just an ugly word floating here.

I’ve got an idea! Let’s strip all of the color and identity out of the brand and visual design we’ve carefully built up over the last several years. Rather than combining elements of old media and new media, let’s just double-down on old media…you know, that thing we’re trying to crush into the ground?


Such a good idea.

No wait it’s dumb.

First with clapping, and now with this other change for the sake of change, Medium is just further vindicating my decision to start my own stupid web site.

I bet more dumb is coming. Yay?

If you want to read an even longer rant, there’s one up now on my stupid web site.

Please clap for this or whatever.

Please donate me money so I can afford to write more words on the internet. Otherwise I’ll never type again. Thank you.

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