I don’t even know where to begin with this because you’ve said so little, and then accused me of being paid for this article.

First of all, I wish I had been paid in some way for this article. But no, I wasn’t. I self-fund this entire headphone adventure and I’ve said that over and over again. I’m a small fry to most of the headphone companies, and in spite of what you might believe, they don’t actually pay any reviewers. Reviewers that do earn money have to either work for tech web sites/ other companies or make money on Youtube, through Patreon, etc.

Headphone companies very rarely will give out a review unit, but those are harder and harder to come by even for the bigger reviewers out there. If either Bose or Sony wanted to pay me for a special article promotion I’d more than happily accept as I like both of their products…and their contracts would legally require me to tell you.

So you’d be the first to know.

Secondly, people often change their opinions without being paid for it. But I don’t even know which opinion you’re talking about, so let’s recap briefly so I can try to understand:

When I reviewed the QC35 originally, I really liked it, and the Sony’s came out later. I didn’t like the demo unit I tried of the Sony model, but then later I bought a pair on sale and really enjoyed them. I wrote the article you’ve commented on and also a review, and I said as much.

I eventually sold both my 1000X’s and my QC35s. Since I’m not paid for any of this, I have to sell headphones to afford more headphones.

After that, it came to light that the Sony’s have a possible build issue, and after looking into it it seems to be a real problem. So, I wrote about that and linked to it in the above article. However, even in my edit, I mentioned I still slightly prefer the Sony’s, and that people should get the Bose pair if they’re worried about the way Sony is handling the build issues.

So…which opinion did I change? I’m genuinely curious and I’m really hoping you tell me next time so that we can have an actual conversation.

Also while you’re at it, please tell me why my opinion matters so much to you that you’d throw weird accusations at me just because I “changed” one. I’m just some guy, dude. I’m impressed that you were so passionate about it that you’re trying to “discredit” an unpaid reviewer by asking me if I actually make money at this. I’m also impressed that you were so bothered by my opinion that you signed up for a Medium account just to post this.

I’ll never understand why the internet’s hatred for advertising has lead to “You were paid for this!” being the quickest and easiest insult. Most reviewers make money for their gigs, as it is their job. There’s always a chance of impropriety. That’s the world we live in. Many reviews on Amazon are by people that received free stuff too (And they’re supposed to say as much).

All I can tell you is that I’m doing this in my spare, unpaid time, and you have to figure out the rest of it on your own. If you don’t believe me that’s fine, but I still wouldn’t understand your reasoning here.

Do you like one of these better? Did I hurt your feelings by enjoying both of these headphones and slightly preferring the Sony’s in spite of their build issues?

Sadly, I feel like you’re probably not going to answer my questions and if you do comment again, you’re just going to feel personally insulted and be lame and then I’ll have to block you. And that’ll be a bummer. As I’m really actually genuinely curious.

Thanks for your time on the off-chance you even read this far.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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