I didn’t mention it because I’ve had zero issues with the minimum volume being too high. I’ve used the MIX in Bluetooth mode across a variety of devices. It’s possible that the device you’re connecting it to has decoupled its own digital output volume from the internal amp of the MIX and that you might need to turn down your source volume separately. That behavior used to be quite common across phones and computers. Windows 10 was only updated to support coupled or “Absolute” Bluetooth volume with supported devices a little over a year ago.

I completely agree that high volume listening is a big problem and I’m super paranoid personally about NIHL. I’ve definitely ruined outdoor concert events for friends by pulling out a decibel meter and moving safely away. I never listen for sustained periods to any volume above around 80 dB, whether testing a headphone for review or in my personal listening time.

I’ve never listened to the MIX above sixty percent volume.

HyperX prints a small warning on their packaging that sustained high volume listening is dangerous, which is more than some manufacturers do.

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