I didn’t experience the issue personally in the few months I owned and used the headphones before selling them to a good friend…and I think he sold that pair on already so I couldn’t say whether it broke. I agree with you that they seem to be strong, generally, compared to other stuff I’ve used. I don’t really go out of my way to do extensive durability testing outside what people might do in normal use.


I’ve seen enough reports that I thought it best to write about it. The troubling thing isn’t so much the potential for cracking, as faulty parts and materials are sometimes a fact of life in the consumer world. The worst part is the wildly different experiences that people are having with Sony’s customer support. Sony should be replacing these under warranty, no questions asked.

This reddit thread is a good place to start your search for others with this issue…and not just because they linked to one of my articles.


Good luck to you! I don’t think the issue effects every pair of headphones. It’s probably a relatively small percentage considering how well the headphones have sold. It’s the handling of those with broken pairs that concerns me, especially in light of how well Bose is generally known to take care of their customers.

Thanks for reading, and sorry this reply got a little bit long!

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