I Definitely Prefer A Bag to A 7.1

And here’s why!

The Cloud II’s USB 7.1 dongle simply isn’t the best choice in my opinion. Especially for PC gamers in 2017, who have a variety of better options just a click away.

When the Cloud II first launched, the dongle had some utility.

It’s a totally fine USB sound card.

However, more and more motherboards have solid sound built into them now. And dedicated desktop headphone amps have proliferated in a way I never anticipated. Many of these options sound better than the Cloud II’s dongle from a pure sound quality perspective.

Also, HyperX’s proprietary 7.1 has never sounded that great to me, and you can now get better implementations of headphone surround FOR FREE.

Razer Surround is much better, and costs nothing.

Windows Sonic is much better, and costs nothing.

Dolby Atmos has a free 30 day trial and only costs 15 dollars, and sounds much MUCH better.

All of these will work with your existing hardware.

So yes. I vastly prefer a nice bag that I can use to protect my headphones over a 7.1 implementation that I don’t personally enjoy. The Cloud II 7.1 is very expansive, but its midrange is a little lifeless. The whole thing is a bit too echoey for my tastes, and I think it kills the quality of the imaging.

If a PC gamer wanted to buy the Cloud II today(Which is still a great headset overall), I’d recommend using one of the above software solutions in concert with the included dongle rather than using the 7.1 button. I wouldn’t have made this case when the Cloud II first launched…because these solutions didn’t really exist.

Now, HyperX has learned from this experience, and the USB dongle included with the Cloud Revolver S has a great implementation of Dolby Headphone. But that’s a whole different product.

Also, I recognize that all of this is subjective. None of my articles really mean anything, outside of expressing my personal viewpoint. So if you want that 7.1 dongle instead of the nicer bag, or you want those extra ear pads, then go for it! I won’t even accuse you of being paid for holding that opinion, or say that it’s clearly a joke.

Thanks for reading and for the reply!

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