I actually love space games!

I’ve played Freelancer, Starlancer, the X Series, the Elite Series, the entire Wing Commander series, the Privateer games, No Man’s Sky, Evochron, X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter, and more!

When I was growing up, Chris Roberts was one of my favorite developers and space games were my life. I even loved the SNES port of Wing Commander I. WC4 blew my mind with its “Hollywood quality” visuals/custcenes. And I’ve seen the Wing Commander movie like, 100 times. I’m not even joking. I binged that thing for weeks for some reason. It’s not the best movie, but its soundtrack is great and it was still Wing Commander!

I want nothing more than for Star Citizen to be good.

I remember all the old internet drama that Derek Smart was involved in. The whole weird legend that if you said his name three times, he’d show up, and all that. Even though I think his tone is often more caustic than my own personal tone, I think he’s an endlessly fascinating and entertaining guy and I love that he’s back at it again. That’s just my personal viewpoint!

I trust his opinion on all of this precisely because of his experiences making Battlecruiser and its follow-ups. He’s literally the best guy to recognize the pitfalls that an overly ambitious space game can fall into.

And I know his games are nowhere close to “perfect.” They’ve never totally clicked with me even though I’ve tried to play all of them. But that’s fine. I don’t think any game is without flaws or bugs. But like the similarly low-budget Evochron games, I think it’s really impressive what Derek accomplished with so few resources.

And I don’t think I should cut Star Citizen a break, because they have a huge, talented team and millions of dollars. That just makes me hold them to a higher standard. Chris has never had this much freedom, talent, or money at his disposal, and I’m just as eager as everyone else to see something materialize.

Freelancer would probably never have released without Microsoft kicking it out the door, and it was a pale reflection of the game that it originally set out to be. Still good, and still a classic…but Star Citizen is a chance to show us what might have been. And I’m pretty skeptical so far.

Knowing the history of both developers quite well, I’m endlessly entertained by Derek’s posts, but I get that they’re not for everyone and designed to make passions flare a bit.

I will happily be a paying customer when Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are released products, should they ever make it that far! I appreciate that you are passionate about the game, and I totally understand why…and if you’ve invested a lot of money into its crowdfunding campaign, I hope that you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth so far, or that you will soon!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts in-depth and not just call me an idiot.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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