HyperX CloudX Flight Wireless Gaming Headset Review

A solid wireless choice for Xbox and PC

Photo taken by Alex Rowe


The HyperX CloudX Flight (official product page) is a wireless-only, closed-back gaming headset that sells for $159. It includes a detachable mic, a USB dongle, and a short micro-USB charging cable. I bought mine for full price from Best Buy, the main brick-and-mortar retail partner for this headset in the US. Here’s my review policy.


The CloudX Flight has a natural, balanced sound profile, with the same clean consumer-friendly sound that other HyperX headphones are known for. It has some extra oomph in the mid bass, a vibrant midrange that’s more cold and prominent than some might like, and a bump in the treble that adds a little extra sparkle and should help you pick out small footstep noises.

Photo taken by Alex Rowe


True to its name and its legacy, the HyperX CloudX Flight is a comfortable headset. It’s a bit tight the first time you wear it, but the clamp relaxes after a session or two.


The industrial design here is identical to the original Cloud Flight, but now with “Xbox Green” LEDs. Even the light inside the USB dongle is green.


HyperX rates the battery life at 30 hours, when using a medium volume and no lighting. That seems right in my testing…though as mentioned above, the integrated battery meter on the Xbox can’t read battery life from dongle-based headsets like this one, so you’ll have to rely on the headset’s power light to warn you when your juice is low.


The microphone is a solid performer. It has some noticeable digital compression to it, but it cancels out background noises well. When I reviewed the original Cloud Flight in 2018, I didn’t like the aggressive noise gate applied to the mic. The noise gate is still present on this model, but toned down, which is great. I didn’t have to shout to get the microphone to respond.

Photo taken by Alex Rowe


If you must have a wireless Xbox headset from HyperX, this is your only choice. I wish it offered more for its slight price premium over the standard model other than Xbox functionality, side tone, and green lights.



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