HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset Review

A fantastic successor to a legendary headset

Photo taken by the author.
Marketing image provided by HyperX.


The HyperX Cloud II Wireless retails for $149.99 (official site), and ships on November 10th. It comes in the classic HyperX red and black color scheme. Outside of those colors, similar pads, and a driver size of 53mm, it’s an entirely new headset compared to its Cloud II namesake.

Photo taken by the author.


I’ve had a week and a half to listen to the Cloud II Wireless, and in that time I’ve thrown numerous games and many of my favorite music tracks at it. In all that listening time, I’ve struggled to come up with any complaints about the sound.

Photo taken by the author.


Thanks to its sleek new design, the Cloud II Wireless miraculously weighs less than its wired predecessor. That’s amazing! It comes in at just 300g, or 309g with the mic attached, compared to 350g for the original headset. In fact, this new model is roughly the same weight as the streamlined Cloud Core + 7.1 I reviewed recently.

The Cloud II Wireless(left) uses an entirely new design compared to its predecessors. Every piece is tweaked and improved. Photo taken by the author.


On first glance, you might think that this uses the same design as the Cloud II, but every component is either overhauled or totally new, and in many cases the parts here are inspired by other models in the HyperX lineup.

Photo taken by the author.


The control buttons and volume wheel on the Cloud II Wireless are subtly integrated, and easy to find. A long press of the power button turns the headset on or off, and a short press toggles surround mode. Similarly, a short press on the mic button toggles mute and a long press toggles mic sidetone. The mic monitoring works really well and accurately portrays the way the mic sounds.

Screen capture taken by the author.
New bass ports adorn the top of each cup, one of many new design features. Photo taken by the author.


I have only a couple of small complaints about this headset, but they’re minor and highly influenced by my unique personal tastes so these may not be issues for you.

Photo taken by the author.


The Cloud II Wireless is an exhilarating follow-up to a legendary headset, with an all-new design that’s tweaked and improved in numerous ways. It’s a worthy successor to one of gaming’s most popular peripherals, and my new default recommendation for wireless gaming headsets.



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