HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Big Battery Life Meets Bland Iteration

Alex Rowe


HyperX Cloud Alpha headset lying sideways on a desk.
Photo taken by the author.

HyperX placed all their proverbial bets on 300 hours of wireless battery life, and they hope users will come along with them for the ride. So as not to bury the lede: yes, this new headset does have the capability to hit 300 hours of battery life. But if you’re a fan of this series of products, you need to know about the other tweaks they made before you take the plunge.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless goes for $200 (official site here), putting it in the upper tier price wise compared to the rest of the headset market. Its new marquee feature is massive battery life, but it also promises to bring in all the things that people love about the classic wired Cloud Alpha. Spoiler: it comes somewhat close to doing that. The headset is currently only available in the standard HyperX black and red color scheme, but I’m hoping it’ll come out in other colors in the future.

I have tons of experience with the Cloud Alpha family. I’ve reviewed the base headset, as well as two different colorways of the “S” update. When this wireless model was due for release in February, I spent a full month with the original version so that I would be ready to spot the differences in the new one as soon as it arrived.