How Logitech Became my Favorite Headphone Company

Pro-G Drivers. Good Prices. Astro Gaming. Success?

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“Wait…Logitech is your favorite headphone company? The people that make mice and keyboards?”

Yes. They have an exceptional audio product lineup right now, and unless you’re trying to shoot for something in the high-end of luxury audio gear, or you 100 percent need Bluetooth, they probably have something that will work perfectly for you.

They didn’t pay me to say any of this. I just think they’ve made some really smart moves.

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Two years ago, Logitech introduced their Pro-G Driver. It’s a headphone driver with a surface made out of a hybrid mesh material instead of a clear plastic. The newer, more fabric-like material holds up well under movement and power loads, and doesn’t break up into distortion as easily as some other drivers.

This is such a simple and clever idea for improving the cost/performance ratio of headphones, while providing a cool marketing buzzword at the same time. I’m not saying that standard plastic drivers are bad, and Logitech isn’t either. In fact, many great headphones exist using “Standard” headphone drivers.

But the new material looks very cool with its black mesh surface, and I bet that it’s cheaper for Logitech to make. And I bet it performs better audio-wise at that price than comparably-priced standard material.

Why would they have made the change otherwise, right?

Other companies have tried new driver materials, so this isn’t totally new. Sony coated the surface of the MDR100 headphones with titanium to help reduce distortion, and the shiny reflective look was great.

But gaming headset companies rarely try and improve the materials of the driver…so it’s cool that Logitech took such a big gamble on this. Every headset in their modern lineup uses the Pro-G driver and they all have great audio performance for the price.

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Logitech has a whole range of good headsets covering different price points. At a base level of $69, the G233 offers Pro-G Drivers, a removable mic and two cables.

The 433 steps that up with additional pads, different colors, and a DTS Headphone: X sound card for $30 more. Also at $99 is the wireless G533. The G633 and G933 have the most refined sound of the lineup…and often go for less than $149.

While they’re not the cheapest headphones on the market, they’re all great mutli-platform and multi-purpose products, except for the G533 which is limited by its dongle compatibility. Most people don’t want to buy more than one pair of headphones, and any of these are great…unless you absolutely must have Bluetooth.

That’s the one area they haven’t gotten into yet, but with the explosion of the wireless market, I bet it’s only a matter of time until they release a model with Bluetooth support.

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Logitech just bought Astro, and while I was conflicted about it at first…I’m now decidedly for it. It’s not like I have a choice, so I might as well just deal, right?

Astro is an exceptional design firm, and their audio products are really good. They bring high-end open headphones to Logitech’s round up with a focus on console gamers.

In buying Astro, Logitech gets to have all of their brand goodwill, and they add great open headphones to their lineup in the A40 and A50 without having to spend the budget to develop an open headphone themselves. I think that Astro’s designs are also better than Logitech’s, and the possibility of Pro-G drivers showing up in future Astro products is exciting.

With the excellent A10 and the upcoming A20, Logitech also now has budget headsets pointed specifically at the console gamer. The A10 is probably the best, lowest-cost headset available right now.

So, in one swoop, Logitech filled all the holes in their lineup except for that lingering Bluetooth question.

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You can buy a Logitech headset/headphone and rest assured that it’ll be comfy, perform well, and not break the bank for what you’re getting. It’s not often I can say that about a company’s entire lineup.

If you’re an isolation-lover, their reliance on cloth materials might bother you, but I think the comfort gains are worth it. If you want Bluetooth, or a “prestige” audio product, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But if you just want a good pair of headphones for different applications, don’t count out Logitech in your search. I came to this conclusion after reviewing most of their current products, all of which I bought with my own money. Each time, I was impressed. And that’s why I kept going. Surely there would be a misstep somewhere, right?


They’re nailing it right now, audio-wise.

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