How I Learned to Stop Using Large Mice and Measure My Hand: A Shoutout to RocketJumpNinja

So there’s this guy named Zy AKA RocketJumpNinja. He makes Youtube videos where he obsessively reviews mice.

Here is one of them.

If that appealed to you, it’s well worth digging through the many other hyper-detailed videos on his channel. His soft voice is strangely compelling to listen to, even if some of the reviews get a little samey after a while.

His name is super-appropriate. His rocket jumping skills are insanely good. I first discovered his videos about two months ago, at a time when I was in the market for a new mouse…

And even though he’s clearly very knowledgeable, and far more into mice than I’ve ever been…I ignored his advice and bought a Razer Mamba.

I’ve used big sculpted “ergonomic” mice for over a decade. The last smaller mouse I had was the Logitech iFeel mouse, which had force feedback built into it and was really fun to use in Black and White…and almost nothing else. That mouse came out in 2001.

Since then, I’ve been using mice with a larger sculpted shape, like the Intellimouse, the DeathAdder, the G502/602, the MX510, and the Mamba, to name a few. I’ve enjoyed that big shape and the ability to rest my whole hand on the top of the mouse.

In spite of the fact that RocketJumpNinja insists you should measure your hand and then perhaps use his size guides to help you find a mouse…I just didn’t do it. I assumed that my long history of using larger mice meant that this would be the most comfy size and shape for my hand.

I was so wrong.

I measured my hand the other day. It’s a little bit smaller than RJN’s hand, and sits in the smaller range of his recommendations. So then, I checked out his top 40 list and found a small -sized mouse that local shops carried, just to try it out. I happened to buy the mouse featured in the review above: The Logitech G Pro. And yes, I know I swore off Logitech, but this is science and the box for this one was clearly properly sealed and not some greasy broken non-refurb.

The difference it made was immediate and obvious, to the point where I feel stupid now for having not done this years ago. I’m not into rocket jumping or competitive shooters, but it’s apparent even on my desktop, and my Diablo III game has never been better. I love the light weight and the shape feels perfect.

So thank you Zy/RocketJumpNinja/random weird mouse-obsessed dude. You really helped me out. You helped me see the error of my large-mouse-buying ways. (He even mentions in some of his videos that he went through this exact same progression, from the DeathAdder to smaller mice, and yet I still didn’t listen immediately). I know this might not be a big deal for everyone, but the level of control and comfort I now have doesn’t even compare to before. It’s wonderful. And I almost never did it.

It’s like the NBA Jam thing all over again. Still trying to learn that lesson, mom.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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