Hmm, interesting! Thanks for the question!

I had some minor issues with the feeling of the headband on the QC35 also, but that was mostly due to its additional weight compared to the QC25, which I was really used to wearing when I first upgraded.

The DT770 isn’t really any lighter, though it is a perfectly balanced headphone with a ton of padding everywhere.

But, it doesn’t adjust out quite as large as the QC35.

Are you wearing the QC35 fully extended? I had a larger head, and I still had a few extra clicks on that model, but only like…one or two on the DT770. So if you’re wearing the QC35 fully stretched out, the DT770s probably won’t be the best fit.

Have you ever considered the Sony MDR-1A? It’s a bit more expensive than the 770s, but cheaper than the QC35s. You can get one for around $200 US if you hunt around. The one negative is that it doesn’t isolate as well as either the 770 or the QC35, but it’s profoundly comfy.

If that one puts pressure on the top of your head, I wouldn’t know where to direct you next. Maybe to something more exotic like the Blue Sadie…but then you’re paying big dollars. And those are still pretty heavy.

If the DT770’s do fit you, they should be nice and comfy and balanced. And they isolate well. You could always buy them from a place with a good return policy and try them!

I’m sorry that this wasn’t more optimistic, and I hope it at least gave you a new direction to start in. I can deeply sympathize with the plight of having a big head and smaller ears. I’ve had to return a few pairs due to my head being too big for them, and it’s a bummer each time.

Thanks for reading.

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