Hi Timothy! Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ve always enjoyed reading your responses and chatting with you about headphones. You were definitely one of the few outliers.

My headphone hiatus isn’t permanent, and I’m still writing new content every day. Hopefully with fewer headphone reviews, I’ll have more time to write fiction. Thanks for asking about it! I don’t have much posted publicly because I was accidentally busy being a one-man tech web site, hahaha.

The main story I have up on Medium is the start of a murder mystery anthology that I never finished. It’s old enough that I was still asking readers to click the heart button when they got to the end.

Here’s the first part.

And here’s the second part, which was supposed to go up a week later…and went up two months later instead.

It was supposed to have ten parts but uh…I haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet, hahaha.

One of my frustrations with Medium has always been the limitation of its blog-style format. It presents my content to readers either through algorithmic guessing, or as a big giant list if you click on my profile, with little in the way of search capability or categorization. I’d love to have a sub-category called “Fiction” I could just send you to, so you could see all of my fiction at a glance. You can search for stories tagged Fiction, but then you’d just get everything. And I guess I could create my own custom tags for everything…but that would quickly turn into a mess.

This is all part of why I created worldbolding.com I don’t have much fiction up over there, just the scattered nonsense that was my Nanowrimo writing from last year, but it’s fully searchable and I can create any categories I want.

It’s at the point where I have so much content on Medium that if I want to link back to one of my own stories, I have to use Google to find it. The only tool I have as an author on the backend is a big giant list of my stories, and that’s as much a nightmare for me as it is for readers. I will hit 1000 pieces of content on Medium sometime this year.

Thanks again for your support and your readership! I’m not going anywhere, and the headphone review stuff will eventually come back. But it might need a new home that’s not just a big pile of unsearchable content. And that home is probably my personal web site.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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