Hi! Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it, and I’m glad my stuff has helped you out in some way.

Honestly, in your situation, I’d probably just stick with the Takstars and/or buy the M50X, especially as judging from your other pairs, it seems that isolation is important to you.

The WS1100is is a very good-sounding headphone. It’s indeed just like an MSR7 with a bit more bass energy. It doesn’t sacrifice that much in the midrange, and still has a lot of that crisp Audio-Technica upper midrange energy that people either love or hate.

However, they got there by making it a semi-open headphone.

It has less isolation than the MSR7 and the M50X, and as such is better suited to a quiet home environment. All of your other pairs are more flexible in their usage scenarios.

It’s a shame that the 1100’s go for so much in your part of the world. Here in the US they’re a largely-forgotten headphone. They go new here for about $130.

The M50X is an objectively better deal for the price you’re seeing them at, and that’s similar to the price here. It’ll give you the extra bass kick you’re looking for, and if you already enjoyed the MSR7 sound you’ll probably enjoy their treble energy. Their pads are a little smaller and are an acquired taste fit, one that apparently only me and Tyll enjoy. :)

If you’re buying from Amazon you should be able to return them if you hate them, and if not, then they usually have pretty good resale value since they’re still so popular.

Hope that ramble helped you out in some way. Good luck!

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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