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I still really like the DT770’s, and that’s in spite of reviewing many additional headphones in the last two years.

In fact, I’m working right now on a “re-visit” feature about these to see how they stack up after all this time.

The 770 isn’t the most warm/pleasant headphone in the world. It has plenty of bass, accurate midrange, and treble that some folks might find too aggressive. They’re still great for listening, but they might fatigue your ears over a long session especially if you like to crank the volume way up.

If you’re looking for something in the same ballpark of audio quality, but that might be a little gentler on the ears, it’s worth looking into these models:

HyperX Cloud Alpha

AKG K361/371

Takstar Pro 82/ CoolerMaster MH751

Most of those can be found for cheaper than the Beyerdynamic set. None of them quite match the DT770s for isolation, and none of them have the fun bowling seat plastic design, but I think they’re all slightly smoother listens if you’re planning to sit with these for many hours at a time.

If you’re looking for a smoother Beyerdynamic pair, the Custom One Pro is worth considering…though I should mention I got a pair of these with a weird sticky ink issue earlier this week. I wanted to include them in the re-visit I mentioned above.

I think that was a fluke though, as I usually have good experiences with Beyerdynamic build quality.

I highly praised the 770 in the past because they do a number of things I personally enjoy, and although they’re not the most convenient, the most perfectly neutral, or the most stylish…they’ve always held a high personal appeal to me.

Thanks once more for reading. I hope this answer helped you out in some way!

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