Hi! Thanks for reading and for the question!

The picture is indeed the SE model of the headphones!

The only difference between the original 598 and the 598SE is the color of the headphones, and the cables included in the box. The sound is completely identical. The original 598 comes in ivory, and doesn’t include the shorter cable.

There are also a couple of other 598 models. The new 598SR has an updated headband and a cable with a one-button phone remote, but is otherwise identical to the other open-backed 598s, soundwise. The 598Cs is a different headphone entirely, with a closed-back design and a different sound signature.

The newer 579 and 599 are also pretty much identical to the original 598 as well…just with different cosmetics. So you have a lot of options for buying this headphone, haha.

So to sum up:

Same sound, different headbands, cables, and colors:
598, 598SE, 598SR, 579, 599

Different Sound:


I’d say get the one that’s the cheapest!

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