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I personally prefer the Alpha’s over the Elites, because of their cheaper price, connector, and slightly more fun sound. The Elite’s big advantages are their microphone, their wonderful gel padding, and their huge amounts of metal in the build.

Seriously, you could throw the elites at a wall and they’d probably just shrug at you.

The sound differences will come down to your own personal tastes. The Elite is going for a more audiophile listener flat sound signature, whereas I feel like the Alpha is maybe 90 percent of the way there, with a little more fun in its bass and treble. I know I sometimes am guilty of that audio reviewer thing where I’m like “Wow these are so great THE BEST EVER” and those are honestly my true feelings at that particular time.

It’s why I’ve always tried to contextualize this as a journey and wear my personal preferences on my sleeve, so you can see how my tastes change over time.

At $99 the Alpha is nigh-unstoppable outside of its ho-hum mic.

As for the Atlas lineup…those are very interesting to me, and when they come out I’ll certainly take a look once I can snag one.

They seem like smart iterations on old Turtle Beach designs with much better prices. The Atlas Elite keeping most of the features from the Elite in a $99 headset is impressive from a market competition standpoint. It looks like the biggest losses are the headband adjustment system and the splashes of color across the frame.

I noticed that their product shots pointedly don’t show the connector for the headset end of the cable, but I’d be shocked if it wasn’t proprietary.

The Atlas is out at the end of next month and is identically priced to the Alphas. If I personally were looking at the Alphas and Elites right now, I’d either wait for the Atlas or just go for the Alphas.

$149 is the highest I’d pay for the Elites before this new lineup was announced, and if the Atlas comes as close to the Elite Pros as it’s looking like it will, then the Elite Pros will certainly have to be either phased out of the lineup or dropped to a lower price.

You have the advantage that you’ve worn the Elite Pros on your head. If you think they were worth $149, then sure go for it! Don’t let my cheapness stand in for your conscience/logic/emotions, hahaha.

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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