Hello! Thanks for your reply. I’m so so sorry to hear you’ve had this issue. I’ve seen many reports of this online…and I’ve not had this problem myself, but I’m worried enough about it that I’ve considered selling my pair before the crack develops. I’ve been meaning to write a small piece about this, as unlike the questionable QC35 firmware stuff, this seems to be a very real problem.

I rotate between a few pairs for my daily use when I’m not reviewing something, so I haven’t put as much time into my 1000X’s as the average user probably will. It appears to be a materials issue that only shows up after extended periods of use, sort of like the rubber peeling issue the original run of the DualShock 4 had.

It’s unacceptable that Sony is not replacing these under warranty for people. It seems like they’re running a beta test on the backs of users, and then charging them for it. No good!

I feel like Bose might have been onto something with their choice of the lighter/more flexible “Glass Filled Nylon” plastic arms. I can only base my build quality impressions off my own personal experiences during the short review period, but I’m not at all above writing an addendum based on feedback!

The headband seemed strong to me during my testing, although perhaps Sony thought all the stress would be on the metal part at the top, and not the arms on the sides. I don’t do any kind of stress testing/twisting/dropping during my reviews, so I sometimes don’t catch stuff like this.

Again, I’m so sorry this is happening. It’s really disappointing. Sony has made one of the best-sounding and performing ANC headphones ever. Dropping the ball on the build materials is like falling down right at the finish line. At the very least, they should be providing you a standard warranty repair without charging you nearly the full replacement price.

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