Hello! Thanks for the question!

I didn’t have time to fully try an ear pad swap, but I did have a chance to take one of my velour pads I have lying around from my HyperX Cloud X’s and shove them up against the Alphas for a quick comparison.

Here is a crude photograph of my stupid test.

Image for post
Image for post

The velour pads are about the same width side-to side as the Alpha pads, and just a tiny bit taller, as you can see in this photograph.

I think they would fit with zero issue!

If you do decide to buy the Alphas, I’d urge you to at least give the default pads a shot. They are covered in what is seriously the softest leatherette I’ve ever felt, and they don’t heat up my ears as fast as other pads.

Thanks for reading and for the question!

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