Hello! Thanks for reading and for the question!

I’m sorry but I haven’t had the chance to try any of B and O’s headphones.

A bummer, I know!

They’ve been pretty hard to come by in my area without lengthy shipping delays, and I don’t usually like to blind buy something that expensive. However, they’ve just recently opened a kiosk in a mall near me, so I’m hoping to check out some of their stuff soon.

I have used the QC35 and the Beats, so I can speak a little bit to those. I’ve never owned the Solo 3, but I’ve borrowed one long enough to verify its audio is 100 percent identical to the Solo 2 which I’ve used for many hours.

The biggest advantages the Solo 3 has are battery life and range. If those are super important things to you in a wireless headphone, then they’re probably the best choice. The wireless range is absolutely nuts. It’s several times longer than any competing headphone. And the battery life is also about twice the average battery life of the QC35, at 40 hours vs 20.

They’re going to sound a bit more muddy than your M50’s though. Beats have a very warm sound signature. It’s fun for certain genres of music, movies, and certain video games…but definitely not the most natural sound in the world. I also think the Solo gets a bit pinchy on the ears after about 30 minutes, but that might just be due to my larger head and the fact I wear glasses.

I can only speak to my own experience.

The QC35’s are dramatically more comfy than even the M50X. They too have a warmer sound signature, so you’re going to notice a more resonant bass than your M50's…but they don’t lose as much of the detail/high end as the Beats. Still, the Bose Sound is very gentle and warm, and designed for hours of pleasant listening. That’s the whole ethos of the product, really.

Also, if you’re doing a lot of flying, the noise cancelling is great. Or if you’re working in an area with lots of droning machine-like sounds. The noise cancellation does its best work against constant sounds, though it’ll also block out some other noises too.

I would take the QC35 ten times out of ten over the Solo 3’s, just for the comfort alone. It’s kind of an unfair comparison, because Bose makes some of the comfiest headphones on the market. The QC35 is a bit heavier than its cheaper wired predecessor, so you’ll have to make sure the headband is properly placed for the best fit. Once you’ve got it there…they’ll just float.

Note though that they both sound warmer than the M50X. The M50 has kind of a rollercoaster response that’s generally neutral, so you’re getting a good balance of low, mid, and high tones. It was designed originally for studio work.

The QC35 and Solo 3 both tilt slightly towards the bass, because that’s what most home consumers want right now. So if the sound is what you really love about the M50…it’ll take some adjusting. I think they both sound good…just different from the M50X. From what I know of the B and O headphones, they have a warmer sound too.

The best suggestion I can make is to try things before buying if you can, or make sure you go with a place that has a good return policy! Often, I’ll love things that other people dislike, and vice versa. Thanks for reading this ramble, and good luck in your search!

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I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.

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