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If you find the treble too fatiguing on the 7506’s, you might not like the Beyer’s either. They’re infamous for their love-it-or-hate-it treble, and while I find them nicely balanced thanks to their flat bass response, others feel like they’re being stabbed in the head.

The treble is most aggressive on the 990’s, and the most laid-back on the 880’s, with the 770’s right in the middle.

If you’re still set on trying a Beyer, and you want comfort, and less strength in the treble, I’d recommend taking a gander at the Custom One Pro. They have very cushy padding, adjustable bass levels, and the treble is tamer than the traditional Beyer sound, while still being detailed enough to carry the Beyerdynamic name proudly. They’re often on sale, and usually go for less than the 770’s depending on which way the wind is blowing this week.

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